Shop & eat

Shop & Eat

Many people find that visiting an airport is an adventure in itself, and shopping and eating at good places all add to the experience. You will find many places shop, eat alexandria inside Alexandria Airport to browse, find branded and other lines of clothing, purchase a range of souvenirs and of course, ‘recharge your batteries’ so you can fully enjoy your time while you are with us inside the airport.

Alexandria Airport has a high quality range of restaurants offering a selection of Egyptian, American and Italian meals including meat, chicken and fish plus a variety of hot and cold drinks. Here you can experience your first taste of traditional Egyptian drinks, but also a range of soft drinks, beers and different kind of wines for you to enjoy.

As for the regular range of coffee shops, we have something for everyone, whether you fancy a classic espresso & muffin if you’re ‘on the go’, or a cappuccino whilst you sit back and relax. Our range of coffee shops can make you the perfect authentic coffee, just the way you like it.

The shops at Alexandria Airport are easily located near the check-in desk and are International and modern, as you would expect from any first class airport. They sell top quality items ranging from clothes for men and women at competitive prices and a range of accessories, cosmetics and toiletries, books and magazines, good quality souvenir and duty free shops selling the usual range of perfumes, tobacco and technology and entertainment. What better way to start your holiday or onward travel than to be prepared.

So as you can see, Alexandria Airport is not just for flying but it was recently built to a very high standard to ensure you that you may fully enjoy your travelling experience. So use this opportunity and your free time to fully enjoy your time with us. We wish you a pleasant journey or holiday, whatever the case may be. Our uniformed staff will be waiting to help in any eventuality and to assist you through any formalities you might face.

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